The Isle of Chandra


Season 2 : Episode 1


After jumping through the portal at different times, each of the adventurers find themselves waking up in groups and try to figure out where they are and where the rest of the gang is.

Cloud wakes up and goes to the mansion. He falls off a table.

Evangeline, Milly, John & Veridian
They wake up and decide to walk around the church. Evangeline and Milly go left while John and Veridian go right.

Evangeline & Milly
The come across zombies. Milly picks the lock on the side door. They both get inside and Milly locks the door behind them. The two decide to explore to church. In a room they find a ring, with a feminine design to it. Evangeline steals it. Leaving the room they come across a man in a Sunday suit. Evangeline attempts to attack him but he teleports back a couple of yards. They assume he must be a spirit of some kind and he bothers them no further. They move on and find a room with two thrones and a suit of armour on each seat (one for a man and one for a woman). Evangeline tries to steal the crown atop the male armour but instead she is thrown into a memory that is not hers. She appears to be in the body of what is assumed to be the king, who is addressing a busy church hall. Suddenly the king is jolted and Evangeline’s vision ends. She is back in the room with Milly. Evangeline believes the king was stabbed, and realises that she too has been stabbed, but there is no knife. They heal the wound as best they can and continue to another room, where there is another ring, this time with a masculine style. Milly steals it. Further exploring the church they find a large room with a scroll in. While trying to read the scroll Content Not Found: big_alizar enters the room, resembling that of a flesh-coloured Hulk, and attacks them. The two girls run out and lock the creature inside. There is a loud clatter from the room behind them, then a knocking from elsewhere in the church. They following knocking and think they can hear Eric’s voice too. They figure out it is coming from the side door they entered the church through but while going through the main church hall the see it is now full with men and women, looking like they’re attending church. They appear to have the same neutral presence as the spirit they encountered before. Milly runs to the door and unlocks it and throws it open to see Eric, Aramel and Max together surrounded by zombies on all sides, but the zombies seem to not be able to get any closer to Eric’s Sign of Moradin he holds high in the air. With a smug look on his face Eric says, “Check this shit out.”

Elord didn’t do much. He probably went to the mansion looking for lasers and found zombies instead.

Eric, Aramel & Max
After jumping through the portal, the trio are glad to find they all made it safetly without injury. After taking in their surroundings they decide the large church would be the most likely place for their party to re-group at. Deciding to search the perimeter rather than going through the front door, they find a small stench of zombies crowded round a side door. Aramel dispatches half of them while Eric learns more about his talents at turning the un-dead and that when an undead cannot move, but is too close to a cleric’s holy symbol, the magic controlling the corpse leaves the body and it becomes unanimated again. At this point, Max has spotted a much larger stench approaching so the three adventurers head for the side door. Aramel fails to pick the lock several times but when Eric hears a clatter from inside the church he begins slamming on the door. As the zombies approach Eric gets his Sonnlinor symbol out again and shows it to the stench.

Cloud & Elord
The boys meet up. Cloud finds a suit of armour with feathers and the magical ability to make him look really gay.

Eric, Evangeline, Milly, Aramel & Max
Eric, Aramel & Max all run inside and Milly locks the door behind them, however this time the door locks permanently as Milly’s talents without the key finally find their limit. The ladies explain the layout of the church a bit and how they found the throne room with the suits of armour and Evangeline’s vision as well as the scroll and the flesh-hulk that had been causing the clatter earlier. However, the men seem more distracted and concerned by the spirits in the room. The girls inform that they’re harmless and one just teleported away when they tried to hit it earlier but Eric still tries to communicate with them. They aren’t very helpful with describing where they are or what’s going on, but they keep saying, “They stole them.” Eric comes to realise that the girls have stolen the HIS and HERS rings and he tells the girls to give the rings back. When Evangeline puts the HERS ring on the floor the spirits change, now in armour and with weapons drawn. Till this point the voice of the spirits had been a haze from all directions, but the voice focuses to a single point from the opposite side of the church and hanging from the top of a plinth is the flesh-hulk, who declares his name is Alizar. The spirits jump to surround the adventurers, at which point Aramel immediately puts Max protected in the middle of the adventurers. Eric gets out his Sonnlinor trinket to attempt to turn the spirits, but Alizar just laughs at this and the fight begins. Eric instantly breaks free of the group to charge at the plinth Alizar is stood upon. The group manages to slay a couple of the spirits and notices that the spirits’ reaction are completely different to the injuries the adventurers deal them, as if they were re-living some previous death. However, the adventurers are quite clearly being overwhelmed.


One HUGE piece of information is missing here and I will not share anything except that MJ, you don’t know it.



Damn you Joel, Matt or Helen for not remembering it!


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