The Isle of Chandra


Season 2 : Episode 2


Amber comes through the portal with two of Tyrion’s pike men. She is suspicious of them at first, but they seem pretty decent. Still, she decides to leave them as bait to get eaten by zombies while she runs away. Amber goes to the mansion and inside comes across a dark figure who gives her a beautiful sword. The figure tells her it will help her defeat the evil that currently claims this land.

Eric, Evangeline, Milly, Aramel & Max
Aramel breaks through the surrounding spirits with Max close behind. The two of them make it to the nearest wall and his idea has worked perfectly. As the spirits pass through their opponent when attacking, standing next to a wall means the spirits can do them no harm. In reaction to this Milly heads to the opposite wall and when she arrives she finally tries on the HIS ring. As she puts it on it looses its glow, but not much else happens. She takes it off and puts it back on again and all that seems to happen is it has a magical liquid-like glow when removed, and appear to be a solid metal when worn. She leaves it on to not loose it and notices that the spirits are now moving ever so slightly more fluidly, their movement is not quite as … teleport-y. Meanwhile, collapsing in the middle of the church is Evangeline, who, remaining in the centre on her own, has suffered so much pain she almost falls unconscious. A spirit next to her starts to grow and Eric notices Alizar is no longer on his perch. The spirit keeps growing and takes the form of the flesh-hulk. He grabs Evangeline by the throat and raises her in the air. Eric sees this and attempts to run to her aid; but falls over a pew. Aramel fires a bolt at Alizar’s hand, forcing him to drop Evangeline. Milly gets collatoral with a mighty throw of her favourite axe. It imbeds into Alizar’s chest after passing through one of the spirits waiting by her near the wall. Eric attempts to run to Evangeline’s aid with his healing powers; but falls over a pew. Evangeline struggles to her feet having just withheld from falling unconscious and with all her remaining strength drives her trident into Alizar’s side, brining the flesh-hulk to his knees. While on the floor, Alizar notices the HERS ring and grabs it. He then brings himself to his feet, quite clearly in pain, yanks out the trident and, like a bullet, hurls it at Evangeline two feet away. Somehow he misses and it shatters the bench next to her. Aramel and Milly sink another couple of bolts in to Alizar and Eric finally gets close enough to cast Hold Person on Alizar, which appears to disturb part of him but definitely doesn’t hold him. In a scream of rage and pain Alizar shouts “You shall regret this day!” and a flash of blinding white light fills the room.

Amber, Cloud & Elord
The boys meet up with Amber and they head over to the church. On the way, Cloud redeems his previous mishap of falling off a table by decapitating a zombie by throwing his shield at it. When they get to the church the front door is locked. They can hear combat inside so try to break down the door. Cloud nearly breaks his leg. They eventually break through the door and are hit by a flash of blinding white light.

Amber, Cloud, Elord, Eric, Evangeline, Milly, Aramel & Max
As the light settles, the adventurers find the flesh-hulk and all the spirits have disappeared, leaving a pile of bolts and Milly’s throwing axe. The two groups rush together and all those that jumped the portal are reunited (well, except for John and Veridian … and Tyrion … and the pike men). The adventurers just start to exchange stories as they think they have a break when they hear a chilling screech and a shuddering swoosh from above the church.



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