Blacksmith, enchanter, scholar and Lord of Yorvine


Something of a child genious, Jim was invited to join Yorvine’s university at an early age and very quickly became a very powerful and knowledgeable man whilst retaining the modesty that his mother had taught him.

His father had been a blacksmith but died shortly after Jim was born, leaving Jim to earn money for the house as soon as he was able.

His skills as a blacksmith allowed him to gain a reputation and enough money to pay for his university fees.

Now a wealthy man, who had most everything, he lived only to help others and when he heard the desperate call for aid from Lord Alizar, he rose to the challenge.

Spending tireless nights working on his cure, he stopped only when news of his mother’s passing came. Vowing to save a life, knowing how hard it was to lose one, he eventually created a pair of enchanted rings that would bind a couple together. Allowing one to use the others life force to heal enough to overcome most wounds and diseases.

Offering his solution before the now desperate Lord, he was rewarded by being allowed to be the life force that Lady Arwyn would share.

As she recovered, she asked to meet with her savior and after multiple meetings the pair fell in love and married, making Jim the new Lord of Yorvine until Tyrion attacked the city, assassinated the pair along with the city’s citizens and sending Alizar into a blind rage after all the trouble that he had gone through to save his daughter.

Now residing in Yorvine’s university in spirit, Jim aids adventurers where he can so that both Alizar and Arwyn can rest peacefully.


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