Eric Rowanhelm

An honourable dwarven Cleric


Updated on 28/10/15

Level: IV – - – Armour Class: 1 – - – Life Points: 12/33
Strength: 13 – - – Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 16 – - – Dexterity: 9
Constitution: 17 – - – Charisma: 7

Silver Staff of Healing
Smite – Hammer
Crossbow Bolts {11}
Plate Mail
Beer Cap Crown
Gladiator Badge Lv4
Sonnlinor Scripture
Sign of Moradin
Enchanted Hulusi
Rations {25}

Electrum {54}
Gold {520}
Platinum {9}
Black Pearl {1}


Eric was just a child when he was driven out of Ash Valley by the goblin invasion. He and his brother Billy (born Angus), the only surviving members of their family, escaped south to a high-elven monastery called Rainhill, where they stayed till Billy was old enough to get them to the dwarven city of Armör.

Upon reaching the dwarven city, the Farquaad family took the brothers as wards and they both joined the Armör Guard. After 50 years of serving, Billy opened a blacksmith shop, the skills for which he had learnt off his father in Ash Valley, as it was the family business and Eric returned to Rainhill to study as a cleric.

Learning the discipline and life style of a cleric as an impatient dwarf, as well as remaining loyal to Morradin not the elven gods, was very tough and it took a century for Eric to pass his training. By then Eric had grown close and become friends with the high-elves and their way of life. After completing his training, Eric returned to Armör to train of dwarfs to become clerics, but none of the dwarves of Armör sought to join his cause. So instead Eric opened up a medicinal goods store called “Eric the Cleric”.

This business … was not successful. So he began adventuring and in the areas surrounding Armör and Rainhill.

When Eric, Milly and the Thundara caravan visited Armör, Eric learned of Bill’s war against the goblins in the North Mountains, so Eric and Billy decided to join the fight in the hope of reclaiming Ash Valley. They promised to meet each other again at the gathering dwarven army in Langmere, though Eric had to first finish escorting the caravan to Thundara as he is always true to his word and had agreed to finish the quest. Upon reaching Thundara, Eric decided to help the people of the school city defend their land and since then he has been jailed/ on the run and thus unable to meet with Billy to join Bill’s army.

Eric’s current objective is to find the Staff of Zambar to clear his name in Thundara, then join Billy & Bill in taking back his family’s land.

The Rowanhelm family sigil

Eric Rowanhelm

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