Lady of Yorvine


Born with a disease that would drain her of her life in her mid teens, she spent most of her life being looked after by the various apothecaries and healers of Dragolin that her father, Alizar, would bring to heal her.

Eventually, whilst very weak and on the verge of slipping into darkness, a humble blacksmith/enchanter by the name of Jim arrived at her home with a cure in the form of a ring that would bond her to another.

Her father saw good and a piece of himself in the blacksmith and allowed him to be the one she would be bonded to.

Recovered and back to full heal, she fell in love with her savior and they married, becoming the new Lord and Lady of Yorvine, allowing her now vampiric father to rest and retire from his duties.

After being assassinated, her city reduced to rubble and her father transformed from the once honorable man into a a being of rage, her spirit lives on in Yorvine, hoping one day that her father will find peace.


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