The prior lord of Yorvine




The father of the ill fated Arwyn and a powerful illusionist. As Lord of Yorvine, a powerful and flourishing city, his daughter acquired a rare and deadly illness. Scouring the land for a cure he did everything he could to try and save her – he was even betrayed by a vampire, turning him into a monster of the night.

Eventually he was approached by Jim, a young and lowly enchanter and blacksmith who had made a cure for Arwyn, so long as she and a partner wore a set of rings.

Admiring the boy he asked for his reward to which he wanted none but to see his princess healthy and well again.

From this he saw the good in Jim and placed his daughter’s life in his hands.

With the rings doing their job, Arwyn was cured and the pair were married and happily in love. Leaving Yorvine in their care, Alizar retired to the monistary, locking himself and his vampiric condition.

The city was happy and so was Alizar, until Tyrian came and assassinated the couple during a regular Sunday service.

Filled with rage Alizar burst from his chambers and killed all of the assassins in the city, then declared war on Tyrion.

Meeting an equal of magical ability Tyrian decided to lock Alizar away in his city, enchanting it in a way that no-one could escape until Alizar had been slain.

Wrapping himself in hatred, Alizar made the city a living hell for anyone dumb enough to enter and has been brooding there ever since, waiting for the day when he can take his revenge.


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