Magic user in charge of searching and finding young potentials


The friendly face of Thundra, Aileen sees the good in people and is very knowledgeable in her magical abilities.


Raised and trained in Thundra as a powerful magic user, she spend most of her time travelling Dragolin looking for children with the potential and drive to join their ranks of magic users.

On one return trip hired Elord and Cloud as guards for the children that were to be trained when they returned to Thundra. On the trip they ran into Eric and Milly who claimed to have just escaped the bandits that Elord and Cloud had been hired to protect the group from.

Allowing the pair to join their convoy, Aileen took the group back to Thundra where they found bandits attacking one of the plantations.

After defeating the bandits they returned, only to find that the staff of Zumbar had been stolen. After the group she brought with her were falsely imprisoned for drawing their forces away from the city, making it vulnerable, she was on her way to protest when she ran into Elord, escaped from his cell and making his way out of the city.

Taking the fall for them so that they could clear their names, Aileen was imprisoned in their place, waiting for them to return to free her.


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