The Isle of Chandra

Where Heroes Begin

Season 1 - recap

[Cue Stan Lee voice over]

In the land of Dragolin, little did our adventurers know what they were about to embark on when they joined a duo with some precious cargo that needed protection. Some did it for adventure, others for glory and for some it was all they knew.

Escaping from captivity after an ambush to get the cargo, our adventurers were unknowingly aided by a doppelganger who let them live so long as he was able to take revenge for the loss of his family.

Running into a routine recruitment run for gifted youngsters who were to become great magic users at the academy of Thundra, our heroes joined forces with some more adventurers who also thought they were to live a simple life.

Arriving at Thundra to find it under siege, our heroes made a call to arms and with the help of the magic users, they fought off the invading bandits… But they were just a diversion.

Framed for the theft of the Staff of Zambar, our heroes had to break out of prison, retrieve the Staff and clear their names. Making friends and enemies along the way, they finally came face to face with their adversary on the waters surrounding the southern shores of Dragolin – Tyrion, a traitor from Thundra.

Even with the help of their new found allies they couldn’t stop Tyrion with the power of the Staff of Zambar, allowing him to escape into a mysterious portal. Following their foe through the portal to escape the sinking ships, our heroes find themselves in a mysterious city where a thick layer of snow has settled and its occupants are nowhere to be seen…



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